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The Art and The Swann

Artistic crafts

The Swann Hotel devotes special care to honouring the artistic forms that Proust was particularly fond of:

  • see the binding that pays homage to Jean de Gonet who magnificently bound the 13 volumes of la Recherche with the photographs of Proust reproduced in a style reminiscent of Andy Warhol. The reproductions of these works adorn the breakfast breakfast room.
  • the major papers in sumptuous original editions on luxury paper like the Japan, a material that is ingeniously reminiscent of the chandeliers of the rooms.
  • photography with a special creation for the Swann by the artist Alexeï Vassiliev; a magnificent black and white photo adorns the headboards in a distinguished soft style that immediately recreates the spectral atmosphere of Proust in Le Temps retrouvé.
  • an astonishing contemporary painting presents the entire Recherche in a single panel, 3000 pages in a single glance. This is the abstract work done by a collective that formed in 2010 to defend the novel La Princesse de Clèves. Its next task was to create this piece in 10 copies.


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