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« I created the Société des Hôtels Littéraires (Literary Hotels Company ) to share my love of books with these countless visitors whom I do not know but who, I am sure, will be pleased to step back into the world of an author or a book when they have the chance to visit Paris, Rouen or Clermont-Ferrand. »

Jacques Letertre, Chairman of the Société des Hôtels Littéraires



A unique setting inspired by the writer’s world
Rooms dedicated to the hero of a literary work, a place or one of the writer’s friends.
Watercolours or pictures to help us tell their history or describe the places they loved.
Symbolic items from their era or objects that remind us of their everyday life.

Over 500 books are at your disposal in our library, so you can rediscover the pleasure of reading and of handling fine bindings, rare books and manuscripts
Books are provided in abundance, to recreate the idea of a library that is open to all.
Books are available in (almost) every language, so that everyone, wherever they are from, can enjoy them.
There are «boudoirs», where you can read in peace.

A varied cultural experience and a bespoke stay
Contemporary works of art that reinterpret the classics.
City maps that enable everyone to walk in the steps of the writer or their favourite character.
Numerous cultural events are featured on the programme, and are held in association with many different partnerships with the world of literature.

The manager and staff are trained to welcome visitors in each of these cultural hotels and are at your service on a daily basis

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