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Marcel Proust’s good addresses

8 rue de Lévis, Maison Corcellet –  This is where Céleste Albaret used to buy Corcellet coffee for Marcel Proust. Today the premises are occupied by Comptoirs Richard.

116 boulevard Haussmann, Caves Augé - Celeste used to come shopping here during Proust’s time.

7 boulevard des Capucines, Boissier sweet shop - In the novel, uncle Adolphe goes to this shop, that was considered fashionable at the time, to buy presents for the “ladies” he was seeing around New Year.

11 rue de l’Arcade, Hotel Marigny* - It used to belong to Albert Le Cuziat who was nicknamed the “living high society” by Proust and who used him to base his character Jupien in “In Search of Lost Time”. It was a great meeting place where Proust went to in 1917 to “people watch”.

Place Vendôme - One can still go to number 28 and admire Charvet’s beautiful windows where Proust used to buy ties and waistcoats. At number 26 there is the jeweller Boucheron where Robert de Saint-Loup buys a necklace for his mistress Rachel.

98 boulevard Haussmann, Babani* - Proust used to go there to see Fortuny’s timeless collections inspired by Venice, and describes them in thedresses and fabrics worn by Albertine in “In Search ofLost Time”.

On the corner of rue de Sèze and rue de Vignon, Leclerc pharmacy – This is where Céleste Albaret, the writer’s housekeeper and devoted confi dante, used to buy him the famous Legras powder used to ease his breathing by inhaling fumes.

50 rue de Laborde, Fontaine Haussmann bookshop - This is where Celeste Albaret used to buy books for Monsieur Proust. “It was a local bookshop on rue Laborde between the church Saint-Augustin and the boulevard Haussmann. The shop keeper was called Mr Fontaine. Hewas old and wore a skullcap on his head and a white shirt. He loved his job and could never envisage leaving his books behind, even during the war he would keep his shop open until 1 or 2 in the morning.” It is today considered a benchmark bookshop amongst “InSearch of Lost Time” lovers and partners with the Literary Hotel Le Swann for the organisation of the Celeste Albaret Prize given once a year to the writer of a book written around Proust and “In Search of Lost Time”.

75 boulevard Malesherbes, Benneton printmaker –  This shop has not changed since Marcel Proust used togothere to buy paper.

10 rue Royale, Lachaume –  This was one of the most elegant fl orists at the time andtoday it still exists. It is between Concorde and rueSaint-Honoré.

43 boulevard Malesherbes, Proust’s bank – Marcel Proust’s bank, which is still today a bank CIC agency (sister branch of 102 Haussmann). They still have a few documents at this bank concerning their once prestigious client.

50 rue de Laborde, Paris
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