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Marcel Proust’s childhood

Champs-Elysées Gardens – Marcel Proust played here with Antoinette Faure and Marie de Bénardaky, his fi rst love and one of the women who inspired him for his character Gilberte in“In Search of Lost Time”.

Monceau Park – Proust used to go for walks in this park on Thursdays with his brother Robert.

8 rue du Havre, Lycée Condorcet – This is where the young Marcel went to school between 1882 and 1889, along with Robert de Flers, Fernand Gregh, Jacques Bizet and Daniel Halévy.

22 place Malesherbes (today place Général-Catroux) – This is where Marcel Proust’s uncle George Weil lived and where, at seventeen, the writer met the famous darling of the time Laure Hayman with whom his uncle spent time with. In the novel, the address becomes number “40 bis” and the narrator pays a visit to his uncle Adolphe who is at home with “pink lady” Odette. In homage to the regent of the Banque de France in the novel, one can take an admiring look at the beautiful Hotel
Gaillard located on the same square. It was built following the style of the Louis XII wing of Château de Blois.

Le parc Monceau, Paris
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